Fitness - Health - Wellness

Mission Statement: To promote the inclusion of health and wellness education to faith-based and adult menís organizations, and to sponsor athletic events promoting fitness and tolerance between congregations of diverse denominations.

In most communities, faith-based organizations have some form of menís group to address the issues and challenges facing men in todayís society. The primary purpose of these groups is to equip and empower men to live better lives. These groups, when combined, establish the greatest network of like-minded men in terms of numbers and personal objectives.

By partnering with menís groups and local faith-based organizations, AZCMBA plans to assist in implementing a health and wellness component to the existing curriculum of these groups. This plan would include a formal health presentation, an annual health assessment day, individual goal setting, and periodic checkpoints to measure individual progress.

In the area of fitness, AZCMBA will sponsor quarterly basketball tournaments, culminating in an annual championship playoff and awards banquet. The banquet will consist of dinner, entertainment, sports keynote speaker, and awards. Awards will be presented to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams in each division, and to acknowledge those who have had the most dramatic individual health improvements.

Outreach to the community will include AZCMBA attending the monthly meeting of the Tucson Christian Menís Fellowship and provide a resource table with printed information and resources. We will also seek out like minded menís organizations to provide information, participate in sponsored events, and solicit participation in AZCMBA sports and health related events.

AZCMBA will co-sponsor a Health Fair Day at a host church which is a member of the Tucson Christian Menís Fellowship and with others that express an interest in doing so. This health fair will provide health screenings to attendees to establish bench marks for an individualized health improvement program.

In recognition of the Annual Menís Health Week, which is celebrated the week leading up to and including Father's Day, AZCMBA will participate, if not sponsor an Annual Menís Health Fair.


"Taking care of your health for you and the ones you love"